Tweens Have Significant Influence Over Household Spending


A Cassandra Report infographic sheds some light on the characteristics of tweens. Unsurprisingly, 74% of the little brats would rather not work for "them man," 56% are impatient and want instant gratification and 59% want a product customized to their needs.

But of most importance to marketers is the fact they have influence of household spending. Make no mistake, parents are still the boss but 55% of tweens influence what movie to see, 29% influence what's purchased at the grocery store, 26% express preference for personal care products, 27% voice their desires regarding family vacations and 23% influence what technology is purchased for the household.

Now if only 100% washed their hands before they ate, didn't sulk every time a member of the opposite sex decides choose different friends, emptied the dishwasher on command and hung the towel up after taking a shower, life would be grand.


by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research