200 Instagram Users Create 2014 Lexus Ad


After watching this film touting the 2014 Lexus IS created by LA-based Team One which was made by editing together photos from 200 Instagrammers who shot the vehicle over the course of a day, you might ask why bother?

Or you might marvel at the thinking behind the effort which leveraged the Instagram social community and the power of hashtags to uniquely create an ad in a manner which has never been done before.

On June 30 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, 200 Instagrammers were assigned several shooting positions. Each Instagrammer was then allowed to edit the photo and asked to upload the photo to Instagram with the #LexusInstafilm hashtag. Onsite, Team One and Lexus sequenced the photos together and used 3D mapping to pinpoint where and at what angle each mobile photographer needed to be positioned to capture the right shot at the right moment.

The work is both creatively and strategically innovative. Sure, we've seen stop motion films before but when you couple the creation of this film with the social qualities of Instagram, the result is something far more than a simple stop motion YouTube film. You have built in publicity. You have built in social proliferation. And you have "first-ever" bragging rights.

Nice work, Team One.

by Steve Hall    Jul-19-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social