Underwear Brand Paints Politicians on Brazilian Boobs


You've gotta love breastvertising. After all, who doesn't love breasts? Men can't help but ogle them and turn into blithering idiots in their presence. Women can't help but stare so as to size up their own assets. Frankly, with everyone on the planet obsessed by them, it's the perfect ad median.

So it makes perfect sense that every once in a while a brand decides to capitalize on our boob obsession with some witty advertising. This time, it's Brazilian lingerie brand Hope that's having a bit of fun on a few pairs of pendulous breasts with some political figures.

In one ad, President Reagan occupies the left boob and Fidel Castro occupies the right. In another, it's George Bush and Hugo Chavez. In a third, it's Margaret Thatcher and Che Guevara.

We love breasts. Don't you?

And, yes, this looks very , very similar to Bennetton's UnHate campaign.



by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy