Anthony Weiner Launches First Mayoral TV Ad


While it could maybe/possibly/probably be true that a person who sent pictures of his erect penis to younger woman could seemingly compartmentalize all that illicit behavior to successfully function as mayor of a major American city, the likelihood of that person serving without ridicule and shame is, at best, unlikely.

But Anthony Weiner refuses to give up. And, today, he's launched his first television commercial in support of his bid to become Mayor of New York City.The ad spend is said to be close to $500,000.

Without directly addressing his sexting debacle in the ad, Weiner says,"Look, powerful voices have made it clear from the very beginning they didn't want me to win. But this isn't about what they want. They've gotten their away far too long. if you give me the chance, I will fight for you and your family every single day."

While it's no surprise everyone thinks about sex, everyone as sex and, at one time or another, has even engaged in a bit of Weiner-like behavior online. That doesn't necessarily make a person a horrible human being. In fact, we're sure cave men were revealing their erect members to unsuspecting cavewomen long before the internet was able to permanently record it for everyone to laugh at.

But in the world of politics, the rules are different. Well, not so much different as they are adhered to far more stringently. and no one wants an image of a naked erect member in their mind when watching their mayor give a speech on television. Sometimes it's just impossible to erase certain imagery from your head.

So while we respect Weiner's tireless efforts to get elected, we're pretty sure we can say with certainty the man will not become the Mayor of New York. Or any city for that matter.

by Steve Hall    Aug-12-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Political