Dayton Ohio's Perennial Political Candidate David Esrati Installs Basketball Nets Across City in Mayoral Bid


David Esrati has been running for political office in Dayton Ohio for 20 years. He has never been elected. Perhaps being arrested for disrupting a public meeting while wearing a ninja mask might have something to do with his failed bids.

Currently, Esrati is running for Dayton City Commission and has launched a unique campaign to support his bid. Rather than placing yard signs all over the roadsides of Dayton, Esrati decided to do something a bit more helpful to the community. He bought several hundred basketball nets (which costs less than yard signs) and installed them himself on some of the city's run down, uncared for basketball courts.

In the video below, Esrati points out hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money have been spent on land and buildings with no public use. He aims to spend less than $10,000 and vastly improve public spaces in doing so.

Esrati is pounding the pavement in Dayton to garner sponsorship for his basketball court improvement project/mayoral bid. Will this unique political marketing effort finally get Esrati elected? History is certainly against him but we do like his effort on this campaign.

by Steve Hall    Aug-19-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Political