Penelope Cruz's Agent Provocateur Video Sizzles With Objects of Lingerie-Clad Desire


When you first view this Agent Provocateur video created by Penelope Cruz, you might roll your eyes and utter, "Right. Another douchebag wearing sunglasses inside ogling women like he's shopping for furniture." But once you get to the end and the reveal is made, all makes perfect sense. Men have a very vivid imagine and a significantly jacked up impression of themselves. Totally normal.

In the video, we see a man, Miguel Angel Silvestra, entering a swanky mansion filled with nothing but women walking around in skimpy lingerie. He is teased, taunted and tantalized by a bevy of bodacious babes as he walks through the house. He then notices Irina Shayk prancing down the stairway and begins to get it on with her.

That is until Penelope Cruz's husband, Javier Bardem, makes an appearance and slaps our boy upside the head with a dose of reality.

Cruz's pregnant sister, Monica, also makes an appearance and, as in all male fantasies, is passed over for the more un-pregnant flesh roaming about the mansion.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy