8 Ways Video Will Turn Your Jaded Online Audience into Healthy, Happy Customers


Every time your audience goes online, they get hit with a tidal wave of digital noise. As a marketer, how do you get your message noticed? How do you persuade a jaded online audience to ditch the noise-cancelling earplugs and listen to your story? The answer: Video.

Video works, and the stats prove it. Online video can help you to:

  • Increase web visitations by 560% when you expose your audience to a banner that contains video
  • Boost viewer engagement by 400% using online video as compared to static content such as text and graphics
  • Attract 200% - 300% more visitors by regularly posting video on your site, with time on the page rising from 1.5 minutes without video to 3 minutes with video
  • Skyrocket brand recall by an 900% when using video on multiple screens, such as online, mobile, and connected TV

But not all video is created equal, and not all companies that use video achieve such outstanding success. The difference between success and failure is the steps that marketing takes to produce relevant content that tells a good story, is delivered consistently to any device anywhere, and is backed by solid analytics.

Download this eGuide now to learn 8 proven techniques for:

  • Cutting through the digital noise to capture your audience's attention - and keep it
  • Reducing the complexity of video publishing and live streaming
  • Dramatically boosting conversion rates
  • Gaining greater insights into audience behavior

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research, Video