Hamster Steers Dump Truck in Death-Defying Volvo Stunt


On the Heels of its Steve Wynn-style stunt, The Hook, in which Volvo Truck President Claes Nilsson stood atop a truck held high in the air by a crane, the brand is out with another stunt in which a hamster steers a big Volvo dump truck out of quarry in Spain to illustrate the simplicity of the truck's power steering system.

For the stunt, a hamster wheel was affixed to the truck's steering wheel and with the help of a driver with a carrot, Charlie the hamster maneuvered the truck up a dangerous cliffside road. While the trip was successful, the 15 ton truck does come perilously close to the edge of the cliff at times.

The film, created by Forsman Bodenfors, was directed by Jamie Rafn, known for his one-take spot 'Walk'.

One YouTube viewer wonders whether or not this hamster stunt can achieve more views than Charlie Bit My FInger. Of course that would be a herculen task as that video has garnered over 500 million views.

As stunts go, Volvo is on a roll. Both are intriguing and interesting and expertly illustrate the features of the vehicle. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

by Steve Hall    Sep-12-13   Click to Comment   
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