JetBlue Reminds Us Just How Much Flying Sucks


Here's the problem with JetBlue's new Mullen-created commercial for JetBlue. No matter how you sugarcoat it (bags fly free, most legroom in coach, unlimited snacks, free TV, friendly flight attendants), flying still sucks. Know why? Because people refuse to pay a lot to fly so the airlines have no choice but to pack as many people into a plane as possible and give them as few "perks" as they can.

In this new commercial, JetBlue attempts to identify with the plight of the frequent flier -- in the form of a pigeon -- in a way that accomplishes nothing except to remind people that, well, flying sucks. Does anyone really believe that flying JetBlue is markedly better than Southwest, American or United? Oh sure there are differences but all in all, unless you're paying for the first class, the experience is equally bad.

The whole legroom thing is a joke. Until airlines make seats WIDER so you can prevent the invasion of one's personal caused by the avalanche of your seat mate's fat bulging from beneath and above the arm rest, flying will always suck.

And no amount of free TV, friendly service or free snacks (which, in actuality, just makes the problem worse), is going to solve this problem.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-13   Click to Comment   
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