Not All Banners Are Dead


Now that everything's online and it's like the offline world doesn't exist any longer, marketers spend an enormous amount of time thinking about how to promote their goods and services online. Websites are designed and created, blogs are authored, Facebook pages are crafted and tweets are sent. However, marketers can't site behind a screen forever (well, maybe they can but we hope it doesn't come to that) and there comes a time when they need to meet their potential customers and investors face-to-face.

Remember the trade show? Yea, that thing were all these people gravitate to one location for few days to do some business? Yea, that place. But in a convention center filled with hundreds of companies all trying to attract attention how does a marketer stand out from the crowd?

Remember how everyone has said banners are dead? Well they may be but not in the offline world. And they're way less expensive than an online banner, as little as $50. Apart from a sexy booth babe, what attracts attention more than a well-designed banner?

But trade shows aren't the only place marketers can use their banners. For instance, they can be used to sponsor local community events. You've seen those flag banners, right? The ones that wave in the wind? If you're doing an outside event, this style banner is perfect for capturing attention.


Just remember, everything in marketing isn't digital. While everyone is lauding inbound marketing, content marketing, DSPs, native advertising, programmatic buying and social media just remember. We are still human and we still like to get away from the screen and get a little face time every once in a while. And for a marketer, implementing strategies that increase face time are, well, just smart and ROI efficient.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Events