Swiss Agency Studio Total Places Belarus 'Teddy Bear Drop' Plane For Sale on eBay


If you haven't heard the story, back in July, two Swedish ad executives from Studio Total piloted a plane to the capital of neighboring Belarus and dropped 879 teddy bears attached to parachutes and wearing signs which called for free speech. The stunt was aimed to rile the feathers of Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko who is said to be quite erratic and authoritarian.

Apparently the stunt worked as Lukashenko fired his chiefs of the air force and border service for allowing the plane to enter the country's airspace undetected. Lukashenko even expelled the Swedish ambassador, withdrew his country's envoy from Stockholm, closed his embassy in Sweden, arrested a journalism student who posted pictures of the airdrop as well as a real estate agency who rented a flat to one of the Swedes involved in the stunt.

Now, the agency has placed the plane on sale on eBay and have sent a note to Lukashenko which reads, "Dear Luke, Why not buy our plane yourself? You could lend it to your military. Let them train your billion dollar air defense in discovering small wooden planes! I'm sure they would find such a pass-time MUCH more honorable than (like now) being used by an aging dictator to torture kids demanding freedom of speech."

That ought to catch Lukashenko's attention. While the bid currently stands at just $1, any profit generated from the sale will go towards fighting for human rights in Belarus.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-13   Click to Comment   
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