Ted Dhanik, engageBDR CEO, Touts Ad Serving's Need For Speed


As you may have heard, real-time time bidding is a burgeoning practice in the interactive space. And, since we're talking real-time here ans in, you know, real-time, making sure your ads get served as fast as possible is, well, kind of important. In this interview, engageBDR CEO Ted Dhanik explains why speed is important and why it's crucial to a brand's online advertising.

In the interview, Dhanik note that brands running global campaigns from servers in the US risk the possibility of consumers leaving the page before ad load.

In this instance, the advertiser loses a potential customer and the publisher loses revenue.

Dhanik claims one of the biggest challenges brands launching global ad campaigns face is that many ad servers are based in the US. Touting his own company's offering, Dhanik says "engageBDR offers global ad serving on 9 date centers with hundreds of dedicated servers around the world with average load time of one millisecond."

by Steve Hall    Sep- 3-13   Click to Comment   
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