Volvo Trucks President Has 32 Ton Balls in Crazy YouTube Stunt


We thought Steve Wynn sitting atop his new hotel in Las Vegas was a cool stunt. That's nothing compared to the stunt Volvo Truck President Claes Nilsson just pulled. In a video that has garnered upwards of 750,000 views since September 1, Nilsson stands atop a Volvo FMX truck and says, "I've learned that when you want to make a YouTube hit, you need a hook at the beginning of the film."

He then holds up a hook from the Volvo FMX and explains it's made of cast iron and can hold up to 32 tons, far more than the weight of the truck he's standing on.

As far as we can tell, Nilsson isn't attached to the crane-suspended structure with any sort of safety wire. Putting to words this daring stunt, one YouTube commenter wrote, "How can it possibly carry the weight of his balls?"

by Steve Hall    Sep- 3-13   Click to Comment   
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