Benjamin Moore Haunted Hotel Stunt Ambushes Painters Prankvertising-Style


More entertainment than advertisement, this 2:44 video created by The Martin Agency for Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 paint spoofs painters by inviting them into an old abandoned hotel in Atlanta to paint a wall. The painters are welcomed by an elderly English butler type (which should have immediately tipped off the painters something was amiss) who ushers them through the hotel, past lowly-lit, decaying rooms.

Then the fun begins. All manner of scary is thrown at the painters including mysterious noises, flickering lights, a chair that rocks by itself and a freakish looking ghost girl. Predictably, the painters freak out before the spoof is revealed to them.

How this sells paint we're not sure but it was certainly enjoyable to watch. Add this to the growing list of hop-on-the-bandwagon prankertising stunts.

by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla