BFG 9000's 'High 85' So Awesome It Will Make You Do the 'High 85'


We love the quirkiness of Barton F. Graf 9000's work for Little Caesar. BFG just has a wonderful way of capturing the mundane and turning it into something really interesting. The High 85? WTF? Like how do you even begin to think in a way that allows you to arrive at oddball hilarity like the High 85? Brilliant.

A second spot takes the simple expression of "Ohhh" and turns it into a cavalcade of silliness that's just this side of stupid.

The agency has done a fantastic job bringing to life the oddity of the brand's Little Caesars "pizza pizza" character. And they've made pizza ads fun to watch again.

by Steve Hall    Oct-30-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange