CougarLife Ad Banned For Putting 'Immature Girls' in Their Place


Oh somehow we'll get in trouble again for this one but what the hell. Young women in Australia are angered over a CougarLife ad which features porn star Julia Ann trashing "immature girls who think they're all that."

In the ad, she stuffs a hamburger in one girl's face saying, "you need a sandwich." She tells another catty lady "you fold sweaters for a living" after the girl spitefully says to her date, "oh, so you're a computer geek." Finally, after a third freeloader says "buy me a drink" to her date, Ann shoves the girl out of her chair and says to the guy, "How about I buy you a drink."

Yes, it's all to illustrate older woman have more to offer than younger women. At least according to CougarLife.

Australia's Advertising Standards Board has banned the add saying the violence in the ad "is not justified in the context of the service being advertised."

While the Board's banning focused on the violence, the whole review kicked off when one women complained,"I found the ad very offensive, as it depicts an older women inferring that the men in the ad would be better 'taken care of' by her, rather than the younger women. It seemed to suggest that she would be a better 'mate' for the men in the ad than the younger women"

All of which could be true. Or not.

Think about it. Older men are gleefully praised for their accomplishments and, stereotypically, are sometimes sought after by younger women. But when the roles are reversed and its the older women in the position of power and wealth hooking up with younger men, it's somehow less acceptable to some.

All we can say is date who you want regardless of age. Hook up with whomever you choose for your own reasons. Don't let others judge and, yes, if you are strolling into a bar as an older woman, shoving aside a younger woman to hook up with the younger guy is probably not your best approach.

by Steve Hall    Oct-25-13   Click to Comment   
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