How Consumers Watch Video [Infographic]


Recently, blinkx released the results of survey of online video viewing habits conducted on its behalf by Harris Interactive. The survey was designed to reveal viewing and social media sharing habits of U.S. consumers and uncovered some not-so-surprising trends.

In total, 2 out of 4 people watch online video.

- 57% watch 1 to 5 hours each week
- 26% watch more than 5 hours each week
- 17% watch less than one hour each week

- 867% watch videos on their computers
- 35% watch videos on their smartphones
- 23% watch videos on their tablets
- 14% watch videos on their smart TV

Smartphone users watch more viral videos with 61% viewing virals on their smartphones. Tablet users watch more entertainment with 48% viewing entertainment on their tablets.

Of smartphone users:

- 61% watch viral videos
- 48% watch entertainment
- 41% watch news
- 24% watch how-to videos
- 17% watch TV shows
- 14% watch movies

Of tablet users:

- 48% watch entertainment
- 45% watch news
- 44% watch viral videos
- 40% watch TV shows
- 34% watch movies
- 29% watch how-to videos

Of course, for Smart TV users, most (72%) watch movies and TV shows (64%)

In terms of video length, in general, shorter videos are viewed in smaller screen and longer videos are viewed on larger screens.

In terms of the most memorable advertising videos, entertainment category videos (movie trailers, etc.) are most remembered at 37%. This is followed by consumer goods at 17%, financial services at 17% and cars at 15%.


by Steve Hall    Oct- 7-13   Click to Comment   
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