Ogilvy Johannesburg Gives Us Yet Another Silly Rendition of 'Real-World Social Media'


Really? Really? Have we not seen enough silly iterations of the whole "what if the real world were like social media" stunts? This latest "social media buffoon in public" schtick comes to us from South African mobile provider Cell C which thinks, well, we're not even quite sure.

We suppose the Ogilvy Johannesburg-created ad asks the question "what would happen if you ran out of data?" Well, you'd probably run around town like an idiot slapping Like stickies on everything and creepily following girls down the sidewalk. Or maybe plastering the wall with Polaroids. Or poking complete strangers.

Of course one angry YouTube commenter is certainly not to be considered a trusted barometer of corporate performance but Paulo De Freitas is not happy and wrote, "Instead of spending tons of money on these silly video promotions, fix your damn network first!!! I still struggle to get decent data connection on Cell C. Normally I have full H+ signal but cannot use data at all. Can't even load Google's page. (It's that slow!!!) ... Everyday I regret moving from MTM to Cell C. Can't wait for my contract to end...Screw Cell C."

Anger at the brand aside, this is just not funny anymore. It may have been the first one, two or even three times but it's been done to death and is now just stupid.

English National Opera's take on real-world social media:

Dean College's take:

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