This Cliff Diving Stunt Proves Red Bull Has A Woody For Heights


OK so it's not the same as jumping out of a capsule in space 120,000 feet above the ground but it's cool all the same. And, perhaps, even more exciting because these jumpers don't have a parachute to slow their fall.

Red Bull, again displaying its apparent fixation with heights, has released a stop motion film made from 21,489 photos taken by three Instagrammers over the course of three hours. What did these Instagrammers shoot? Proferssional divers leaping off a 27 meter high platform into the Blue Lagoon in Wales.

@danrubin, @jeera and @chaiwalla were the photographers for the day and it was all done to promote...wait, what? Nothing? You mean a brand sees value is producing interesting content for the enjoyment of consumers? Who knew? Stop the presses! This is radical stuff!

by Steve Hall    Oct- 7-13   Click to Comment   
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