7 Reasons Brand Blogging Beats Online Advertising


A little over a decade ago, blogging was something done by individuals, certainly not big brands - or brands of any size, for that matter. Flash forward to today; everyone's blogging. Yes, individuals and upstarts are still hard at work sharing their opinions, but major news organizations and brands have jumped on board, realizing the many benefits of blogging.

While brand blogging grew in popularity, traditional online advertising has been waning in both popularity and effectiveness. Oh yes, we have programmatic buying and DSPs, but that's a bit like one computer speaking algorithm to another. The net result is still an ad banner and, barring a few exceptions, that approach simply does not work any more.

Adrants Editor Steve Hall, writing for Central Desktop, has put together the top seven reasons a blog post is beneficial to marketers and why brand blogging is a vast improvement over traditional online ad units.


by Steve Hall    Nov- 5-13   Click to Comment   
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