Watch This Ad Business Insider Says Will Make A Nation Cry


I'm not sure this Business Insider headline, "All Of Britain Has Waited An Entire Year So It Can Burst Into Tears In Front Of This One TV Commercial," accurately captures the story but it will certainly get you to read the story.

While the commercial in question, British retailer John Lewis' annual Christmas commercial, The Hare & The Bear, is certainly sweet, we think it's more likely to bring a smile than a tear. But to each his own. We aren't judging. We do like the commercial. Which, to be fair, is, in fact, judging when's all said and done.

Anyway...the Bear & The Hare is a heartwarming story of a friendship between, yes, a hare and a bear, who part ways when snow falls and it's time for the bear to hibernate. But, after the hare leaves the bear a present, the bear reappears Christmas day to experience it all for the first time. Right there along with every other creature in the forest who always get along in commercials but, who, in real life, would likely tear each other apart in a blood bath of epic proportion.

But let's not let that tiny little reality sway us from enjoying this $1.6 million animated epic of another kind. The holiday kind. The cheerful kind. The heartwarming kind. The kind that makes you go, "Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if we all got along like these animals do?"

by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials