Men's Lust For Female Nudity Used to Promote Fashion Brand Across Social Media


Sometimes the solution to a marketing problem is staring you right in the face but for some reason you can't seem to bring it to life. Fred & Farid Shanghai, however, saw the solution. For their client Vicomte A., an online retailer of women's clothing, the agency pondered, "How can we get people to share the brand's collections on social media?"

And, like a yet another nudity-themed Tumblr site, lightning struck. The agency would get men, not women, to share the collections by promising them a model would remove a piece of clothing if only they clicked on it. Like salivating dogs is heat, men clicked. A lot. And every time they did, a post promoting a particular piece in the collection would appear on their Facebook wall.

Did it work? Do men enjoy looking at barely dressed women? Of course it worked. Within 48 hours of the campaign's launch, 150,000 pieces of clothing were shared on Facebook and 300,000 people tweeted about the stunt. More importantly, website traffic during that period was up five times the normal level.

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social