E-Cig Hotties Call Fowl On Freezing Smokers


Dressed as referees, a collection of women traveling around Manhattan in a Westwood One radio bus are hopping out, blowing their whistles and crying penalty when they see smokers out in the cold taking a drag. And their offering free samples of NJoy e-cigs.

But, really, what's the point of this stunt? That you can smoke e-cigs inside out of the cold? Not after exiting New York City Mayor Bloomberg, on his last day in office, signed a bill that making smoking e-cigs inside just as bad as smoking real cigarettes inside, right?

Or perhaps it's just where the NJoy babes can find smokers since they have to smoke outside. Factory 360 organized the stunt which has been going on in Manhattan and in New Jersey. The stunt will continue through Super Bowl Sunday.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla