This Law Firm Allowed Its Ad Agency be Creative...And Got Great Work


Finally! A law firm ad that gets out of the conference room and actually shows some creativity. Working with Grey's Hispanic agency, Wing, the Law Offices of Esteban Gergely, is out with a campaign that touches upon the common online practice opf attempting to erase one's history when things don't go so well in real life.

In this case, the issue is divorce. The agency created three YouTube spots that use thumbnails to allude to the videos' content. In the "Honeymoon" video, "Kate & Tommy" are the subjects of video (alluding to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise); in the "Wedding" video, "Katie & Russell" are the subjects (alluding to Katy Perry and Russell Brand); and in the "Anniversary" video, "Ashton and Demi" are the subjects (alluding to Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore).

When a user clicks on any three of these videos, the screen goes to black, the viewer sees the all too familiar statement "This video has been removed by the user." The viewers see the tagline "Divorce happens" followed by the logo of the law firm.

We have to applaud Esteban Gergely for allowing Wing to actually do what an ad agency is supposed to do; be creative.

See the search links for each of the videos:



And the videos:

by Steve Hall    Jan-16-14   Click to Comment   
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