What Agency Account Managers Want From Creative


It's an age-old battle...uh. excuse me...relationship between agency account managers and agency creatives. It's a relationship that, at times, can be the best kind of relationship and, sadly, at other times, can be the most disastrous.

Of course, no account manager or creative truly wants the relationship to be disastrous (unless they are one of those sadistic types who gleefully revel in the face of manufactured conflict), but all too often the relationship between account management and creative breaks down.

In this two-part series for Central Desktop, I'm taking a look at this relationship by reaching out to those on the front lines. This first part will focus on what account managers want and need from their creative department. Next week, part two will examine what creatives want and need from their account managers.

Let's dive in...

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies