Everything is Awesome! And So Is Coke's Social Media Guard Ad


We are all guilty of planting our faces in our phones in the middle of social situations. This sort of behavior would once be considered rude but, hey, since everyone's doping it, it must be OK, right?

Your parents and grand parents would be horrified if they saw you planting your face in your phone in the middle of dinner or while you should be playing with your newborn baby. But we all still do it so it must be OK, right?

Coke asks that question in it's hilarious Social Media Guard video which touts a dog cone-like product that aims to cure our rampant obsession with social media.

In the video's description, Coke asks, "Did you know that the world spends 4 millions years online every month. If you're watching this video on your mobile phone, it's time to put it down. Look around you, there is probably someone special you can share a real moment with. Enjoy it with an ice-cold Coke :)"

Oh and the video is one of the best uses of the 2001 theme in a long time!

by Steve Hall    Feb-21-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials