LG's 4MM Ad Hits Instagram...to Reach 205 People


Now here's where the power of the press and social media can actually matter. As a follow up to its 4mm ad on the side of Sound & Vision Magazine, LG Norway has posted a 4mm image to its Instagram account with copy that reads, "Slimmer than the phone you are holding. Introducing the world's slimmest OLED TV."

Why is this a case where the power of the press and social media actually matter? Because the LG Nordic Instagram account has just 205 followers...hardly enough to made a dent in sales. But, alas, these stunts are really never about sales. They're all about creatives stretching their minds to dabble in the latest, coolest, hippest stunt so they can put it in their book.


by Steve Hall    Feb-26-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social