Ingenious Signage Mimics Interstate Road Sign, Gets Brewer in Hot Water


Boise, Idaho-based Woodland Empire Ale Craft has taken a unique approach to signage. To promote its location, which is directly next to a main road leading to a major intersection, the brewery erected a billboard atop its roof which mimics green street signs.

The billboard consists of a green background, much like street signs all over the country, white lettering which reads. "Craft Beer" and a yellow portion on the bottom which reads, Right Here."

Of the fact the sign may confuse of mislead drivers, Dave Cook, creative director of Oliver Russell, the agency that created the sign, said, "All billboards distract drivers. Especially the good ones."

While the brewer initially had permission from the City of Boise to erect the board, its proximity to a state highway has caught the attention of the Idaho Transportation Department.

"We've been asked by the Idaho Transportation Department to remove the sign because it interferes with the effectiveness of nearby traffic signs and potentially creates a highway safety issue," said Dusty Schmidt, a partner in the brewery. "They said it was a danger to our public highway."

While the brewer discusses the matter with the ITD, it's also enjoying the fact 37,000 people pass by the sign each day.

by Steve Hall    Mar-14-14   Click to Comment