Pornhub Launches Competition to Seek Creative Director


Yes, you read that right. Porn site Pornhub has launched its Creative Director Challenge, a competition soliciting high-quality, "safe-for-work" designs for an upcoming multimedia advertising campaign. The winner of the challenge will be rewarded with a one-year paid employment contract as the official Creative Director of Pornhub.

Interested parties should check out the challenge site (a totally safe-for-work Tumblr site)

And there a full-on creative brief for you to review as well:

The creative brief

Traditionally, porn has been a taboo subject - but the fact is, over 35 million people visit everyday! How do we reach the next 35 million? We need a national advertising campaign that can be channeled through mainstream media. We need to spread the word that porn has something for everyone, and Pornhub should be your go-to site for free videos whenever and wherever you want.

Why is this a challenge? As opposed to internet advertising, where you can show some nudity and people will click, conveying our message through mainstream media will be challenging. We need to promote Pornhub through a G-rated ad campaign without risk of offending, while still being a bit cheeky and fun.

The winning ad campaign will need to take these concerns into consideration, while clearly promoting the Pornhub brand and logo. Download the Pornhub branding assets package.

Submission guidelines

- The ad must be G-rated and "safe for work". It can be a Print ad (for magazine, newspaper), billboard or other signage, or a storyboard detailing a TV commercial or viral video.
- The Submission must be in jpeg, png, mov, or mp4.
- The Submission must be in English.
- The Submission must be G-rated and deemed "safe for work" so that it may appear in mainstream (non-adult) advertising mediums.
- The Submission must include a text description detailing your vision and what type of advertising medium(s) you feel it would be appropriate for.
- The Submission must be an original advertisement for and must include the official logo. Download the Pornhub branding assets package.
- You may submit up to six (6) entries. Submissions must be different and not substantially similar.
- To enter you must be at least 18 years of age or older as of date of entry.

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