Ad Stunt Proves Humans Don't Give A Shit


Normally, advertising loves to highlight the wonders of the human race portraying it as if we were all as giving and caring as the biblical Jesus. Alas, it appears we just don't give a shit. Or at least most of the people in this Russian ad stunt for an orphanage.

The stunt, created by Red Pepper, placed a baby carriage (we've seen this before) out in the cold with a device that mimicked the sound of a crying baby. Surprisingly, 90% of people just walked by the abandoned carriage without a care in the world.

Why did they pass by? Exposure to too many ad stunts? Fear it would be the Devil Baby? Or maybe we've all turned into a bunch of self centered pricks.

by Steve Hall    Apr-10-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla