Animated Ads Yield 76% Decline in Brand Opinion [Study]


In the No Shit Sherlock category, Adblock Plus is out with a study that finds "loud" online ads such as flash-like or animated ads result in 36% lower ad recall and a 76% decline in brand opinion.

The research study was conducted by analyzing eye movements of 1,200 research participants in North America and Europe as they viewed a set of test websites. Researchers measured which ads were viewed, how quickly ads were noticed on the page, and how much time viewers spent on each ad. Follow-up survey questions measured ad recall, brand perceptions, and other descriptive information about various ad types.

Among the key findings of the international research:

- Static ads are 300 percent more likely to be rated "easy to understand" than jumpy animated ads

- Flashy animated ads are 200 percent more likely to be considered "dated"

- Ads placed on clutter-free web pages are nearly 200 percent more likely to be seen, and are noticed 300 percent faster

- Participants' opinion of the advertised brand was 76 percent more likely to be negative after viewing an animated ad versus a static ad

- Ad Recall falls 36 percent when ads are presented on a cluttered website

- Ads are more likeable when presented on an clutter-free website; viewers reported 129 percent higher likeability scores for ads on clean sites versus the exact same ads when presented on a cluttered site

- Likelihood to click (Click Through Rate) was actually lower for attention-grabbing blinking ads than for clean, static ads (26 percent very/somewhat likely for animated versus 31 percent very/somewhat likely for static)

Others have come to the same conclusion. Then again, none of this really matters, right? After all you aren't actually using banners anymore are you?

by Steve Hall    Apr-29-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research