Bladder Control Ad Gets Oddly Pornographic


Talk about the double entendre. It's in overdrive here with this Ogilvy & Mather-created spot for Poise, a bladder control product aimed at women.

In the ad, one woman leans over to another and breathily says , "I love Sam. Sam knows how to take care of a woman. Sam is also very small but Sam can last for hours. I have Sam in my pants right now."

She then whips out another Sam from her purse because, you see, Sam isn't some miniature pervert running around inside this woman's pants diddling her parts. No. He's a Poise Microliner, a small diaper for adults. For those embarrassing moments that don't have to be quite so embarrassing if you're wearing Sam.

Or if you didn't lean over and get all porny with a fellow mom at a school play.

by Steve Hall    Apr-29-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange