Miller High Life Acknowledges It's Low Life Appeal


AdWeek doesn't like the new Miller High ads and neither do we. While Gabriel Beltrone does an exquisite job of explaining why the ads suck, we'll be more blunt. They come off like some copywriter's hipsterific dream of cool as defined by a sort of fuck you sensibility to the fact losers who drink Miller High Life can't afford to get out of the pool hall and make something of themselves.

Rather, they'd prefer to spew a stereotypically Millennial "I don't give a shit" tonality -- with "we're so cool we're in black and white" 'tude no less -- that just wants to make you punch Rich for his lame attempt at wry wit and self-importance.

Too harsh? Go read Gabriel's take. She was much nicer.

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Creative Commentary