ROOBand Introduces World's First Analog Wearable Fitness Tracker


With the increased focus on capturing data while running, RooBand CEO Frank Hammond thinks we've taken the fun out of running. In an effort to bring back the joy, Hammond is unveiling the RooBand, the world's first analog wearable fitness tracker.

So how does it work? As described on the product's Indiegogo page, the ROOband is in direct contact with your your skin. When running, your body will start to emit "effort," commonly called "sweat." Your effort will be absorbed by the Rooband. Then, after each session, you can squeeze the ROOband to output your effort, allowing you to measure your progress with an easily quantifiable result.

No, really. It's that simple.

But Why? Well, because as Hammond shows us, running was more fun back in the pre-digital days of 1979:


So, yea, maybe running was more fun back in 1979 but back in 2009, this beautiful woman presented us with our very own ROOBand...all before a RooBand was ROOBand. It was a memorable night.


Here's the explainer video:

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