This Babe's Enormous Booty Will Make You Buy A Volkswagen


Touting its new 360 degree area view camera and the importance of having more than one angle of view, Volkswagen is out with a DDB Barcelona-created print campaign that plays visual tricks on your eyes. In a series of ads, we see some very strange things like a baby with a man's head, a woman with a dog's head, a baby with giant legs and a baby with a big 'ol bikini-clad booty.

Of course, upon further inspection, you realize you aren't looking at pictures of some freakish human being, rather we-ll conceived camera angles that play tricks on your eyes.

All of which is analogous to the fact VW's "mirror" technology won't have you seeing freaky things when you look in the rear view mirror.





by Steve Hall    Apr-10-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange