Because Bouncing Boobs And Benefit Cosmetics Eyeliner Are Must-Haves When Getting Arrested For Stealing Diamonds


So what's a girl to do when she's running from the cops, drops her stash of diamonds, gets arrested, get placed in a cop car to be hauled off to the police station to be arrested and have a mug shot taken? Stealthily slip out of her handcuffs while seated in the back of the cruiser so you can apply eye liner so you look great for that mug shot.

Really. It's that simple. And looking good no matter the situation is a good thing, right? Which is apparently how the agency behind the work, Sausalito-based BSSP, thought it should go down.

And according to Benefit Cosmetics Creative Director Hannah Malot, it's going to be BIG!!! She gushes,"This spot has the feel of a cinema trailer - a true testament to the influence of director Noam Murro and a fantastic idea by BSSP. We think it will have enormous appeal around the world and will be shared and liked by our global audience through social media and word of mouth. The product is a true innovation in the marketplace."

Good luck with that. You might want to switch your YouTube video from Unlisted to Listed, though. Just sayin'

by Steve Hall    May-15-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy