These Flo-Less Progressive Ads Featuring A Grown Man Burping And Farting in A High Chair Will Have You Laughing Your Ass Off


Well the headline pretty much says all you need to know but Progressive Insurance is out with four new ads -- with longtime spokeswoman Flo nowhere to be seen -- that feature a grown man in a baby sling, in his "mother's" arms and in a high chair at work. The ads aim to encourage Millennials to drop their parents' seemingly outdated insurance and switch to Progressive.

Which, before we move on, begs the question, what if the parents of these Millennial already use Progressive. Minor detail to be overlooked, apparently.

The approach was born out of research that found many Millennials turn to their parents for advice on insurance. This campaign, created by Arnold Worldwide, hopes to stem that behavior and have Millennials go directly to Progressive.

On or off target, the ads are hilarious.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-14   Click to Comment   
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