If People Didn't Have Guns in the First Place We Wouldn't Need This PSA


OK so the Ad Council, in partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, is out with a new firearms safety campaign entitled Safe Firearms Storage. The work, created by Merkley+Partners, features children basically begging their parents to use caution just as parents so often instruct their kids to use caution when doing things in life like riding a bike or swimming in a pool.

Own a gun? The campaign's message is clear: be careful with it. Store it properly. Don't keep a loaded gun where anyone can get to it. As the kids in the ads ask, "How safe it that?"

We have a simple solution that would eliminate the need for a campaign like this in the first place: don't own a gun.

Now before all you pro gun types go crazy, yes, there are times when owning a gun is appropriate. But, for the most part, the proliferation of guns in America has reached insanely epic proportion. The whole thing is a sick and twisted interpretation of the second amendment. Rail against us if you want. But that's our stance on the topic.

In terms of the work? It's admirable enough. It makes it's point. And, yes, it's an important point. There are activities in life that must be performed with proper guidance and caution. Gun ownership is no different. And that's the point this campaign drives home.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-14   Click to Comment   
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