In Epic Wedding Stunt, Guy Proposes And Marries Girl on A Plane


All we can say is thank God there was no turbulence during this flight. Otherwise Alexander's plan to ask for her hand and marry Marieke mid-flight wouldn't have ended up and beautiful as it did.

Under the guise of winning a girls-only trip for two, Marieke takes a trip with her friend courtesy of Thomas Cook Travel Belgium. What, you thought this was just an organic stunt? Not a chance. Not with all the planning that had to go into it. Thomas Cook funded it and the airline and family were in on the whole stunt. Even the ring and the dress were picked out for Marieke.

On flight day, as Alexander and Marieke's relative hid in the back of the plane, Marieke and her friend boarded at the last minute and were seated up front. In the back, Alexander changed into a flight attendants uniform and slowly worked his way up to the font of the plane to ask Marieke to marry him.

Of course she said yes. The plane was then decked out wedding-style, the wedding happened and then all the friends and relatives revealed themselves to Marieke. Damn, if only every travel agency-planned trip were actually like this.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-14   Click to Comment   
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