We're Halfway Through the World Cup. Here's How It's Playing Out For Brands in Social Media


We're midway through the World Cup and with fans around the world cheering on their teams, social media is, of course buzzing. Taking a look at the buzz, real-time customer engagement platform Engagor, took a look at the official World Cup sponsors to gauge the success of their social media activities

Here's what Engagor found from June 12 - June 24:

- 1.4 million total mentions (Facebook/Twitter)

- Nike leads with volume of brand mentions (357K) related to the World Cup; Coca-Cola in second with 297K; Emirates in third with 169K

- Pepsi has the highest volume of positive sentiment (58% of mentions); Volkswagen has the highest volume of negative mentions (16%)

- Top languages - English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Japanese

- Demographics/Gender - 28% female, 72% male (Global); 40% female, 60% male (U.S.)

And here's a breakdown of the volume of sponsor mentions related to the World Cup :

- Nike - 357K

- Coca-Cola - 297K

- Emirates - 169K

- KIA - 156K

- Volkswagen - 122K

- Adidas - 89K

- Hyundai - 56K

- Sony - 44K

- Budweiser - 43K

- MillerCoors - 39K

- Pepsi - 32K

- Visa - 13K

- Continental - 6K

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Topic: Research