Penelope Cruz Is About to Freak Us Out With A New Agent Provocateur Ad


Last year, Penelope Cruz work with Agent Provocateur to create a dazzling video in which lingerie-clad women frolic about in a mansion as a man wearing sunglasses ogles them while strolling through. In the end, the epic lust-fest is all in the man's head.

On August 1, Cruz will release her second bit of work for the brand, technically L'Agent by Agent Provocateur, but a teaser gives us a little hint of what's in store. In this video, we have a bevy of women stripping down to their lingerie while in the middle of the desert. As they do so, a man, seemingly lost, makes his way towards the ladies by crawling on his stomach. And that's it.

What will the full video reveal? Yet another male fantasy? A long lost photographer in search of his next objectifying lingerie shoot? Yet another reminder that most of us don't look all that great with our clothes off. Seemingly all will be revealed August 1.

by Steve Hall    Jul-21-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Racy