These Old Spice Ads Might Get Us to Laugh at A Hapless Mandroid But They Still Paint Women As Mindless Bimbos


So everyone's loving these new Old Spice commercials featuring a less than functional android man who, despite his inadequacies, is a hit with the ladies because, well, he wears Old Spice and smells great. The two ads, created by Wieden + Kennedy, are being compared to Axe work because, well, they focus on man magnets who always get the ladies.

At the same time, and no one is really mentioning this, the ads, much like Axe ads, treat women like idiotic bimbos easily controlled by a fragrance even though it's being worn by a scrawny wimp or a klutzy robot.

Nothing that, we wonder if w've really progressed past posing women in front of refrigerators and draping them across the hoods or cars all in the name of selling things. I

It would seem even in ads which portray men as buckets of buffoonery, the ladies are still mindless bimbos who are at the beck and call of men even though these men have no redeeming qualities other than the ability to make us chuckle while watching them in ads.

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Creative Commentary