If Buzz Aldrin Had Worn Today's Jockey Underwear, He Would Have Planted That Flag All Over the Galaxy


In an effort to align itself with greatness, Jockey is out with a new campaign entitled "Supporting Greatness" that's all about, well, supporting the greatness of over achievers one great leap at a time.

The campaign showcases the "legacy of great men wearing Jockey" - as Babe Ruth, Buzz Aldrin and General George Patton, who appear in various versions of the ad, were, we're told, all known to have worn Jockey during moments in their lives when they achieved greatness.

So in this spot, we have an overactive Buzz Aldrin planting the flag not only on the Moon but all over the solar system and the galaxy. And kicking the crap out of competing aliens as well.

And a statement that makes underwear sound as if it's more important than the invention of the wheel, electricity or e=mc2, Jockey International CMO Dustin Cohn said,"Jockey has been supporting great men since 1876 and is known as one of America's premier heritage brands based on its rich history of quality-crafted and innovative products. We are uniquely positioned like no other underwear brand to tap our history and celebrate our legacy by featuring some of the great men the brand has supported with innovative, quality-crafted products."

Can't seem to embed, so watch on YouTube.

by Steve Hall    Aug-19-14   Click to Comment   
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