This Is The Weirdest Cracker Ad You Will Ever See


Created by Strawberry Frog for Wasa Crispbread, we present to you, perhaps, the oddest cracker commercial you will ever see. And when we say odd, we don't mean bad. We just mean, well, odd.

A woman on a business trip in Sweden decides to go to a yoga class. At first, she's excited to see a bunch of hot men. Then she's excited for a completely different reason. All the men are there because Sweden gives up to 12 months off work to new parents which is split between the mom and the dad. Hence all the dads in the yoga class.

Oh but that's not all. The dads have brought their babies too. And the babies become part of the routine.

The woman, who is a bit amazed by all of this says, "We sent a man to the moon. What a waste when we could have sent him top the playground as our Swedish sisters do."

It's all very Zen.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange