If You Thought Your Wet Dreams Were Weird, Wait Until You See This One!


This nugget is spec work. And we can see why. It's so off-the-wall weird that you can't even wrap your head around it to realize it just might be an ad for for some bank.

Entitled Wet Dream, is a visual onslaught of the sorts of things some people, but not most, might see in the middle of a proverbial wet dream.

To each his own is, we guess, the mantra here. Everyone's wet dream isn't necessarily going to be filed with women in bikinis with huge boobs or guys is Speedos with ripped abs.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-27-14    
Topic: Strange

Hopeless Romantic Presents Elaborate Anniversary Message to His Wife Using WeMo Home Automation


OK if there were one example of how technology can actually intertwine itself with love, life and the pursuit of happiness, this CP+B-ceated spot for WeMo would represent.

In the ad, a woman returns home. Her husband isn't there but an elaborate anniversary message is...all powered by remote controlled WeMo home automation products.

If you're a hopeless romantic like out man in the video, you can check out the How Dan Did It video to create an anniversary (or any special moment) celebration of your own.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-27-14    
Topic: Commercials

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