Agency's Pavlovian 'TapServer' To Eradicate Time Sheet Problem With Free Beer


Colle + McVoy has discovered the solution to getting agency employees to complete their timesheets; free beer. Yes, free beer.

The agency's creative technologist and IT team collaborated to create a "never-before-seen" tech solution that rewards free beer to employees with up-to-date timesheets. What did they create?

They invented the TapServer, a custom-built, multi-keg "beer deployment system" that could be the answer to not only the ad industry's time sheet problem but the entire nation's timesheet conundrum. The TapServer uses RFID and custom-written software to instantly verify whether or not a timesheet has been completed before it lets the beer flow.

All of which makes one wonder. How will the agency recoup costs for all the time its employees spent coming up with this contraption?

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies