Have You Seen This Crazy Travel Agency Ad Yet? MUST. WATCH. NOW!


Who knew? Apparently travel agencies do still exist. If you aren't one of the almost 1 million people who have viewed this so-bad-it's-so-good long form ad from Thorne Travel Agency then you need to stop what you are doing this very moment and watch. No, seriously. Drop everything you are doing right now and give this video a watch.

It's cringe-worthy awesomeness is beyond reproach. You can just see that it was done without the least bit of irony which, of course, is why it's so horrifically good! And it's one of those things that upon first view you're reaction is, "Oh this is totally a joke!" But, no. It's a real thing.

In the video a group of 8 ladies dressed in matching orange (pink?) dresses and one guy dressed in black with a pink tie strut their stuff down the street as only "regular" people can strut. It's all set to some dance tune, the name of which escapes me at this moment. But who really cares?

This is PURE GOLD!

And you know now what? Mark my words. Clubs will be showing this video on a routine basis now. Watch for it. OK, probably not but that would be funny.

OK. Go get your groove on now. Oh but before you go, lest you think this is just some stupid ad people will watch and then forget, Shona Thorne, manager of the Scottich travel agency reports the agency has seen a 110% increase in bookings since the video debuted last week.

And, yes, the whole thing is a bit of a spoof on slow-strutting Virgin Atlantic "air hostesses.

by Steve Hall    Oct-14-14   Click to Comment   
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