BBDO Creates 'Transportable Banner' to Illustrate Interior Spaciousness of Mercedes E-Class Estate


While the lowly ad banner has been getting a bum rap for years, every once in a while, much in the way outdoor boards occasionally get creative, an ad agency spices up the boring online rectangle.

To tout the new Mercedes E-Class Estate station wagon, BBDO Belgium created what they call a "transportable" banner. When we first saw that in the press release, we thought, "Oh no! Not another Amazon-style, re-targeting banner that won't stop showing you ads for something you just bought!"

But that's not what the transportable banner is. In fact, it's not really a smart banner at all. It's just a really creative use of Flash or gif animation or whatever technology BBDO used to accomplish the "removal" of this banner which is then placed inside to illustrate the spacious interior of the vehicle.

Now, fitting a 728 X 90 pixels ad inside the back of a station wagon might not seem like a Herculean feat but that drawback in somewhat overcome by the fact that the banner which, once "removed," appears much larger and is placed inside the vehicle by two people.

Anyway, watch the demo video and tell us what you think.

by Steve Hall    Nov-17-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online