The Weirdest, Wackiest, Lamest, Sexiest, Most Awesome Ads of the Week


- They're kind of a snooze but if you want to watch all of the new Dollar Shave Club TV ads, they are here.

- Yet another weird (and very good) ALDI Australia ad created by BMF.

- Right in line with the odd approach Dollar Shave Club took with its collection of new ads, JWT New York is out with a very manscaping-centric commercial entitled Crib in My Pants. Seriously the weirdest shaving ad you will ever see. But, damn, that "first girlfriend" is of the charts cute!

- A dating club is wrong but a shaving club is awesome. Yea, it's another shaving brand trying to do the Dollar Shave Club thing.

- If you've ever just wanted to stare at thong-clad ass for two and a half minutes, Miss Reef has you covered.

- After watching this JWT London and th2ng-created slice of craziness, you will never look at 25% the same way again.

- In what is, by far, the lamest, most boring entry into the Volvo cannon of feature-focused videos, the brand is out with Volvo Trucks vs Koenigsegg, in which a Volvo truck drives around a race track and two guys talk about the truck's features. Yawn.

- For all you furries out there, this ad's for you.

- If you could buy a deoderant that made you smell like a truck river, would you? 42% of these shoppers did just that.

- And then there's this clearly ramp-assisted parking maneuver designed to illustrate the amazing parking abilities of the new Audi Q3.

- Grupo Gallegos decided to use people's obsession with taking photos to help cure Alzheimer's.

- Barton F, Graff 9000 has created a terrific promotional video for The Mentor Act, a bill that would create an official mentorship program designed to keep people out of prison.

- Here is an incredible bad -- and we mean really, really bad -- ad for san Diego-based Stellar Solar. The press release actually dared to call it innovative.

- OK, this is funny! From David & Goliath, this ad demonstrates just how amazing and attention grabbing the new Vizio Ultra HD TVs are. So amazing, viewers don't even notice the real-life drama going on around them.

- We all have varying degrees of various phobias. But here are some new ones from Saatch & Saatchi Canada for the Toronot Film Festival you may not have heard of.

- If you are going to do stupid things, at least become an organ donor. Thanks for that, Duvall Guillaume!

by Steve Hall    Nov-11-14   Click to Comment   
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