This Insurance Company Will Drop Its Rates Like The Woman On This Bus Side Drops Her Shorts


In another time and era, one could argue that this bus side ad from Florida-based Estrella Insurance was, you know, tongue and cheek funny. In some ways, it is. In others, it's just another step back to the Stone Age.

Yes, some women drop their pants a lot. So do some men. Some women never do. Some men never do. Some women don't even wear shorts. Some men don't either.

But the woman on these side of this bus, spotted in Miami by Instagram user alvarezt8, seemingly has no problem dropping her pants to help the insurance company convey the notion it's more than happy to drop their insurance rates.

The joke is about as old as a bunch of fourth grade boys telling a silly fart joke in the bathroom in 1972.

Now we have freedom of speech and all in this country but that shouldn't encourage stupidity and insensitivity. Sadly, all too often, that's exactly what it allows. And this is what we get. That or the guy who created this ad -- and we're quite sure it was a guy -- is in 4th grade.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy